This workshop for advanced and advancing Moodle users will provide time for sharing and discussing advanced practices, tips and tricks for dealing with quizzes, gradebooks, discussion forums, overall course structure, advanced design features, embedding media, and whatever the users present bring to share, discuss or solve. The format will largely be individualized as users bring in issues, questions, and ideas for getting to the next level of using Moodle.

Participants: Please add topics to the outline below - or by scrolling to the bottom of this page and adding a comment. This workshop will largely be built on your valuable comments, questions, and additions.


  1. Introductions
  2. Gradebooks
    1. New in 1.9.5
      1. tabs
      2. scrolling, mouseovers
      3. items and categories view
      4. aggregation
    2. Types of aggregation
  3. Transferring data from previous Moodle classes to current Moodle classes and/or resetting META courses

User Requests not Covered Above:

  1. I heard that Moodle was bought by Blackboard.  Is that true?  Will we need to migrate again soon? 
  2. Easy ways for students to post pictures (wikis are challenging in this regard). 


Date: Thursday, June 11
Time: 9 - 11 am
Location: Bush Hall, Room 226 (Library Computer Lab)


06/11/09:  C. Tarrents, L. Shields, J. Lees, J. Tessier, B. McGraw, E. Fogle, C. Elston, J. Howard, D. L. Heron, D. Brower, J. Michelitsch, D. Adelman, J. Erickson, T. Hamblin, B. Meckel, D. Davis (P. Pardoe)

 01/15/09: J. Howard, C. Tarrants,  J. Newcomer, J. Erickson, Amy Metnick, , E. Fogle, K. Ogborn, G. Brackett, A. Baeza, John Taylor, Marsha Stock, Adrienne Clifford, Bill Williams, Monica Liddle,

 (L. Heron,, shields, M. Barnes)

6/16/08: M. Stock,  J. Michelitsch, A. Rhodes, M. Liddle, C. Elston, M. Branigan, J. Howard, A. Metnick, G. Brackett,  W. Brown, Jen Smith, P. Garramone, E. Fogle, S. Shoemaker, B. Brophy, J. Krzyston, K. Ogborn, Carolyn Tolley, MP Lewis, Alan Smith


Clark Shah-Nelson, Coordinator of Online Education