Connect to DELHI-SECURE with a Windows 10 Device

  1. Click on the WIFI symbol in the bottom right corner of the screen, and choose DELHI-SECURE, then 'Connect.'

  2. Enter your username in the 'Username' box and your password, then click 'OK.'
  3. Your browser should automatically open and bring you to the BYOD portal, where you will accept the Terms by clicking 'Start.'
    Note: If you are not automatically sent to this page, try opening a browser and visiting
  4. Next, you want to type in a description of the device and click 'Continue.'

  5. You should be brought to a confirmation page, saying 'Success.'  You can close out of your browser now.

  6. Last, you want to turn the WIFI Off, by clicking on the 'Wi-Fi' button. Then turn it on by clicking it again.