FACULTY - How do I enter mid-term and final grades?

To Enter Mid-Term or Final Grades...

  1. Open your Browser
  2. Go to the Delhi Logins page - www.delhi.edu
  3. Click 'Bronco Web' at the top of the screen
  4. Login with your SSO credentials.  Or your 800# and PIN
  5. Click 'Faculty Services'
  6. Click 'Enter Mid-Term or Final Grades'
  7. Select the Term
  8. Select the CRN
  9. Enter the appropriate Grades
  10. Enter the number of hours the student was absent in the column labeled Attend Hours.  This entry will be used to calculate attendance information.
  11. When all grades have been entered, select the Submit  button.
  12. IMPORTANT: There is a 45 minute time limit once you select the CRN number to be graded.  ....    If you have not entered all final grades but wish to save your work select the Submit button.
  13. PLEASE NOTE: If the Registration Status column indicates that the course has been dropped please do NOT enter a grade.
  14. The Last Attended Date column should be left blank.


 IP = In Progress. This grade is used for those courses which begin in one semester and end in a subsequent semester.

To be used only for courses which do not end at the normal end of semester date.  This grade code was created for courses which continue to meet after the normal end of term, such as internships.  A grade of IP must be changed to a letter grade by the end of the semester following the term in which the IP grade was originally awarded.

IN = Incomplete. This designation indicates the temporary withholding of a grade. 

 It may be used in cases where a student has not been able to complete a course for what, in the instructor's judgment, is a compelling reason.   The grade of IN must be changed to a letter grade within 20 calendar days from the end-of-term date for a given academic term.   Failure to submit a change of grade by this time will result in the Incomplete becoming an F grade.   Implicit is the understanding that the instructor and the student have reached an agreement, in writing, of the nature of the course work which the student will complete by the extended due date.