Detailed Ribbon Commands

This page provides a document for each of the main components of Microsoft Office 2010.  Microsoft has done away with the conventional menus from office 2003 and moved the menu options onto a graphical based toolbar called the Ribbon.  On the ribbon, you will find a number of tabs along the top to represent high level application functions.  Under each tab of the ribbon, you will find groups of commands needed to complete just about any function within the system.  The fact that the options have moved around so much can make it difficult to find the options that you used to be able to find in the menu.   For that reason we have provided a detailed guide.   The documents you see listed below will have tabs along the bottom that list the menu choices of the various programs in Office 2003.  To the right of each of the old menu choices, you will be able to see where that function has been moved to in office 2010.

If you are more of a visual learner,   you may prefer to use the graphical tool to achieve the same function.  That tool is available here:

Note:   for the documents below,  do not click on the VIEW link (all the way to the right).   Confluence does not do a good job of reading these files.   Instead, click right on the file name (all the way to the left) and open the document in Excel.