I want to update everyone regarding the work being done to improve calendaring at SUNY Delhi. Our first thought was to start a project entitled Enterprise Calendaring. But after some reflection, it's clear that Enterprise Calendaring is too large a notion, too complex a concept, to be considered a project in and of itself. So instead, the Enterprise Calendaring page has been moved to the Campus Digital Roundtable and will be used to document and discuss campus calendaring needs. The discussions on the Enterprise Calendaring page will give rise to smaller projects, that will represent the work being done to improve calendaring on campus.

Microsoft Exchange 2010
The Enterprise Calendaring page has quite a few use cases that have been extracted from the various user interviews submitted so far. Of those use cases, quite a few will be covered by the forthcoming upgrade to our mail system. Our new email system, which you may know as Outlook Web Access (OWA) is currently being hosted by our fine friends at Microsoft. The service Microsoft provides is known as Exchange Online and is currently a version behind the latest and greatest email system that Microsoft has to offer.

The forthcoming version of OWA, now called Outlook Web App (OWApp), will be much more functional that the current OWA that we experience when we access our campus email and calendar. Specifically, the new OWApp will support more of the features only available by using the Microsoft Outlook Desktop client. In the name of Agile(tm) Development dates are meaningless (smile) and thus Microsoft has not set a firm date for the upgrade of Exchange Online to Exchange 2010. They have only committed to the upgrade happening sometime in the second half of 2010.

So, CIS has decided to hold off on looking to outside calendar technologies to cover any use cases that will be covered after we are upgraded to Exchange 2010. However, this does not mean the calendaring effort is on hold! There are several use cases that we can tackle now while we wait for our upgrade to happen.

Next Steps
With the documentation of the use cases, based on the user interviews, the next step for this effort will be to create one or more small projects to analyze each use case and to either document an existing solution or to propose a new solution. Those projects will be created and tracked within the coming weeks. In addition, use cases that are on hold until our upgrade to OWApp will be marked as such.

Thanks to everyone that has contributed to this effort so far and please stay tuned to the Enterprise Calendaring for more news!

Talk about the migration strategy, short-term and long-term.

Everyone agrees in the long-term goals. There is some concern about the data warehouse plans, as data warehouse projects are often difficult to execute successfully.

Pull the trigger on the purchase of a job scheduler?

I'm going to demo ISE for Rocky on Wednesday. We're going to take the next step of gathering quotes shortly.

What to do about Craig's enrollment report? Stick to existing model for now?

Yes, the new reporting model is a long-term goal, so Craig's existing report will be enhanced to meet his new requirements.

Roles? Who can do what?
Code reviews? Do we have enough people to do them?
Test plans? Where do we document? What business resources run them?
Estimates? Do we bother? How do we determine effort? Per script?

These questions will be answered on Wednesday when we look at the proposed Subversion/JIRA/Fisheye stack.

Set a deadline? Do we assume upgrade can happen in early summer? Deadline for migration, just after the end the fall semester?

Start planning the changeover, what needs to happen? In what order? Who needs to be informed? URLs? Old system turns off, new one turns on, DNS needs to change?

We'll set some dates on Wednesday, but we should be ready for the upgrade to Banner 8 in early summer.

My students had the same problem with timing out.  When using the Worksheets section, if they were on a Worksheet for too long, they were unable to submit the worksheet.  A lot of students lost work because of this which lead to much frustration.   I talked to the NetTutor people about it and they tried to explain it to me.  It's something about when students log in to the internet, they have a certain numbered connection, but for some reason this numbered connection can change if they are on line for a long period of time.  So when they log in, Net Tutor thinks they are one number but the number changes and when they submit they might be another number that Net Tutor doesn't recognize.  I don't completely get it, but that was the best that I could understand.

My other issue is with using the tools themselves.  For instance, you have to keep "picking" the tool that you want to use.  If you want to draw 4 lines in a row, Net Tutor doesn't "remember" the line tool.

Another problem students had was with the "Capture Non Whiteboard Region".  Sometimes I would have students draw graphs using the Graphing Calculator, but they were unable to capture them to put them into the whiteboard to display so that I could see them.  They said that the crosshairs never came up for them to choose the region they wished to capture.

Trial & Error

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