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  • Survey Monkey - creating and sharing surveys and results for BSN courses - and a general Survey Monkey guide (IMPORTANT: SM just changed their site (5/14) so this is no longer 100% correct, but mostly. This will need to be edited)
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  1. While logged into Survey Monkey (, click on the "Create Survey" button on the upper right.
    1. The surveys are already designed, so it is best to "Copy and Existing Survey."
  2. Scroll down to find the survey you wish to copy (hint: Go to the same course in the most recently ended term to see the name of the survey so you can find it easily)
  3. Once you have selected the survey you wish to copy, (it will show up the same in all three fields (Copy, Title and Nickname)  click "Continue."

  4. The next page that you will see is the new survey but it will still have the name of the one you copied.  This has to be changed.
    1. To do this, click on "Edit Title."
  5. You can then change the title.  Ideally, this will only mean changing the CRN and the year, term and session.
    1. Copy and paste the newly created title into the "Nickname" field. 
    2. Click "Save" and you will be returned to the survey page.

  6. Click on the "Collect Responses" tab near the top right of the page.
  7. The "Web link" radio button should be checked already, but if not, choose this.
  8. Click on the "Next Step" button on the lower right'

  9. You will then see the "Your Survey Web Link."  It is usually something like ""
  10. Highlight this and copy (Ctrl-C works), or, paste it somewhere where you can get to it easily (opening Notepad on your desktop is a good way to do this).

  11. Open the course that you will be adding the survey to, and find the survey that you are working on. (HINT: it will be a lot easier if you have the Survey Monkey page and the course in separate browsers, on two monitors if possible.  This will make moving back and forth simple.
    1. Turn editing on if it is not already. In this example, (NURS 403), the "Student Evaluation of Preceptor" is found in the "Course and Preceptor Evaluations" tab and is titled "Student Evaluation of Preceptor." It is similar for the other courses.
  12. Click on the "Update" link next to the survey and it may be best to "Toggle full screen mode" in the Description box editing tools to see all of the words.
  13. In the Description box, paste the survey link under "Click the link below to complete the preceptor evaluation."  It will look something like this:

    1. Note that the survey link is not automatically an HTML link...yet.

    2. We have to highlight the link and then click on the little chain that will appear after the link (or anything) is highlighted. The link is here:
    3. A new box will open up and you can just cut and paste into the first field - called "Link URL" (presuming that you did not copy anything since you copied the link itself.  If you did, that is what will show up and not the correct link.) When done, click "Update."
  14. This has linked the survey from the course page so that students can take it when directed by the instructor. We now have to create a link in the proper are that will allow the results to be seen.

    1. The results links are normally found in the final tab of the course, in this case it is called "Faculty Resources" and we are looking for "Preceptor Eval Results."  Click on the "Update" icon.

  15. If you wish, you can toggle the full screen mode again.

  16. We will be adding the link after "Student Evaluation of Preceptor results."  Leave the box open. To get the link that will go here, go back to the Survey Monkey page.

  17. On that page, click on the "Analyze Results" tab.
    1. On the page that will open, chose "Share Responses" from the menu on the left.

    2. Click on "Edit Settings" on the next page.

  18. A new page will open, and you should choose "Share Summary of Responses + View and Browse Individual Responses (admin view)." (#1 below) This will open some more choices. (See below)

    1. Click on "Allow filtering of Responses" (#2) and "Allow Downloading of Responses" (#3) underneath, as well as "Password Protect Shared Responses." (#4)

    2. You can then make up a password (just 6 random numbers and letters works) (#5)

    3. IMPORTANT: Copy the password you created so when you move to the next page, you still have it to enter in the course.

  19. When done, click on "Save Changes." (#6)
  20. The next page will give you the long link that you can copy and paste into the description box in the course that you opened up.

  21. Also, make sure to put the password there, too.

  22. Save and you are done.

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