John Horner

Updated 1/10/14

What’s New in Moodle 2.5


Thanks to everyone who attended the presentation and here are the changes that we went over and please feel free to contact John Horner if you have any questions. (4862)


  1. “Settings” is now part of “Administration” and has been moved to the right side of the screen.


In 2.2                                                                                       In 2.5




 2. In the editing mode, the icons and symbols have changed and are now grey


In 2.2




In 2.5




 3. In 2.2, in the editing mode, Activities and Resources were confusingly separated and not described. In 2.5, they are added together and all of the choices now have descriptions when clicked. (I included one example below)


            In 2.2



            In 2.5





And here is an example of a description:




 4. The command to make your course visible has now been moved to the “Edit Settings/General/Visible” area (see below)



 5. When designing a forum or an assignment, the options have been grouped together (see arrow) to make the interface much cleaner.






 6. The word count of a discussion forum can now be displayed by choosing this option in the design



And when a forum post is submitted, the word count appears on the bottom left (below)


 7. Pictures and text can now be dragged into a discussion or assignment box.  Just click on a picture on your desktop (you may have to move it to see it next to your open class page) and left click and hold it, then drag it to the box and let go of the button. (see below where to drag the picture)


If text is dragged into a box, it has to be highlighted and then dragged. 

8. Pictures can also be dragged and placed on a week or topics page, and moved to any vertical position.  In the example below, the picture was dragged from the desktop and placed in Week 3 of the class page. This is the view when editing the class:




Here is the view when editing is turned off:


 9. I will not include how to make badges, as they are pretty easy, but I wanted to include it as a topic here as more of a pedagogical question.  Moodle 2.5 allows instructors to award badges for the completion of an assignment or the entire class. These can also be given to students manually at the discretion of the instructor, and this is something that has some interesting possibilities for class.

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