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Course Management Procedures for Maintaining Nursing Courses in VH:



  1. Before the start of each week (1-7) post a welcome note including a brief synopsis of the weekly content and reminders re: assignments.
  2. Post positive, encouraging, and constructive announcements when grades are posted throughout the course.
  3. Week 6 announcement should include an encouraging statement about completing the course evaluation, which will pop up on the student's VH page automatically.  Starting in Spring 2019, all classes are evaluated every session. 
  4. Classes end on Friday of week 7, 2359. Students may submit work until class closes, including discussion responses.
  5. End of course: Great job/Thank you post and indicate when grades will be posted, and when the course will be closed to student view.  Suggested to provide a final announcement of when final grades have been posted to Bronchoweb. 

Procedure for Reporting No-Shows (Rev 09/2020)

  1. Definition of no-show:  In general this is for any student who has not entered the course by Wednesday 23:59, Week 1; participant list will state "Never".
    The following procedures are to be completed by all faculty for No-Show Students:
  2. Report no shows to the advisors (by Thursday AM of Week 1, except when otherwise noted by advisement, see above)
  3. Send an email to the student by the last day for the No-Show
  4. Send a flag on Starfish by the end of Week 1.
  5. Students who have entered the class, but their presence is sporadic should not be reported as no-shows. This is an advisement issue and should be reported to the advisor via a separate email.

Starfish Roster Survey

All faculty must complete a Starfish survey before the end of Week 2, indicating if any students were No-Shows.  If all students logged in, then click that all have attended and send it in.  There must be 100% faculty completion of this survey!

Frequency of Posting and Email Responses

  1. Respond at least once a week to each student when there are discussion forums (based on course model).
  2. Faculty should be present and actively engaged in the course delivery for a minimum of 4 days per week.
  3. Faculty responses should role model for students how to interact and respond (addressing students by name, signing all posts).  Scholarly and other references are included frequently in responses, and when appropriate.
  4. Faculty will respond to emails and Q&A posts within 24-48 hours.  Email responses do not replace responding to student questions in the class Q&A.  If the questions are of a personal nature and would be best served by email, then faculty must acknowledge the question in the Q&A, and explain it will be answered via student email.
  5. Faculty will respond to all initial DQ postings within 48-72 hours (based on course model).

Practicum Courses

  1.  Throughout the course, all practicum course faculty should document communications with preceptors on the Practicum Interaction Form (excel sheet sent to faculty by practicum coordinator when course begins with preceptor information).  This will be uploaded when the course has ended into the classroom in the Faculty Resources module.

  2. NURS 400: 45 practicum hours are completed by Week 7.
    • 18 hours with a nurse manager
    • 6 hours with risk management personnel
    • 21 hours allocated to the Change Project assignment.
    • The confirmation of hours must be received by faculty by the end of week 4, and/or before Assignment 2 is submitted.
    • Faculty sends the preceptor the links for evaluation surveys for the student and program, once the confirmation of hours has been submitted by the preceptor.
    • Final confirmation of hours and completed evaluation of student by preceptor are due by the last day of class. 

3. NURS 401: 45 hours in practicum-related activities are completed by week 6, allocated as follows:

    • 18 hours in the field with a community, public or population health nurse stared by the end of week 2 and completed by week 5.
    • 15 hours on the windshield survey assignment completed in week 3
    • FEMA Disaster Management Module and Certificate (completed week 6)
    • (2) IHI Population Health and Healthy Equality Modules and Certificates (completed weeks 1 and 2)
    • (2) IHI Population Health Case Studies (completed weeks 3 and 4).
    • The two links for student and program evaluation are sent to preceptors by faculty starting with the introductory letter at the end of week 1, and then again as needed through Week 6.
    • Final confirmation of hours and completed evaluation of student by preceptor are due by the last day of class.

    4. NURS 403: 35 precepted practicum hours are completed working on the capstone project between Weeks 2-6, with a total of 45 practicum hours.
    • 20 hours in an agency are required; the remainder of project hours can be done asynchronously
    • The single survey link (as of Fall, 2020) for student/program evaluation are sent to preceptors by faculty in week 6 
    • Final confirmation of hours and completed evaluation of student by preceptor are due by Weds of week 7.

Policy Changes

Spring, 2019:

  • Students no longer need to include a non-consecutive day in their attendance during a week of discussions; 3 days/week is still the requirement.
  • Late penalties for DQs and assignments are now 5% (5 points)/day.
  • A student may elect to skip an assignment, will earn a zero calculated into their course grade.
  • Incomplete contracts may be needed, please offer this option if extra time is needed and reasonable cause is provided. 

Fall, 2019:

  • Discussion response requirements are now two substantive replies per week.

Spring, 2020:

  • Discussion forum attendance policy changed to 2 days/week
  • Discussion responses reduced to two per week. During COVID-19 this was reduced to one response. Note: the one peer response/week was extended through Fall, 2020 by faculty vote.


  1. Faculty must utilize the BSN or MSN DQ Grading Rubric forms to provide feedback. The rubric is in pdf format in the Start Here module.  The MS Word version of the rubric may be found under the Faculty Resources tab in the course.
  2. DQ grading comments should be individualized for each student and included constructive and respectful feedback. Refrain from using a formulaic reply that is very similar from student to student.
  3. Post DQ grades within 48 hours after the week has ended (no later than Tuesday 2359).
  4. Assignment grades should be posted within 5 days of the submission due date, and announce to students when grades are posted.
  5. If the grade is near the minimum for passing, or below the acceptable passing score, the instructor should send out a Starfish flag to alert the student and include a full description of the academic issue.
  6. Faculty are to utilize the grading rubric either inserted into Moodle, or pasted above the cover page of a written assignment or as a separate document as needed for other types of assignment submissions. Feedback should reflect individualized comments that address both content and APA formatting. Faculty may provide feedback using a variety of modalities.
  7. Faculty will follow the late penalty outlined in the course syllabus for DQ's and assignments, as applicable.
  8. No extra credit is available or permitted.

Student Issues

Self Plagiarism

  • If a student repeating a course uses materials previously submitted for grading in the first course, this is considered self-plagiarism. 
  • Send out a Starfish flag describing the incident
  • Strongly encourage the student to complete the SON plagiarism module in VH (see below in Academic Integrity)
  • Immediately report this to the Assistant Dean or Dean of the School of Nursing.

Starfish Flags (Warnings) are to be completed when applicable. The following situations warrant a Starfish flag

  • Course average falls below passing grade (less than 72 for allied health courses and less than 75 for nursing courses).
  • Non-attendance, poor attendance, poor or non-participation, tardiness, insufficient preparation, failure to turn in assignments, assignments are incomplete, low grade on assignment/quiz, disruptive or uncivil behavior, academic integrity violation, safety/health concern. 
  • Use the Starfish site to send a flag to describe the issue in constructive terms.

Academic Integrity Issues

Student Incomplete (IN)

This designation indicates the temporary withholding of a grade. It may be used in cases where a student has not been able to complete a course for a variety of reasons that may have impacted successful conclusion within the regular amount of time.  The grade of IN must be changed to a letter grade within 20 calendar days from the end-of-term date for a given academic term. Failure to submit a change of grade by this time will result in the Incomplete becoming an F grade. Implicit is the understanding that the instructor and the student have reached an agreement, in writing, of the nature of the coursework which the student will complete by the extended due date by completing the Incomplete Grade Contract.). Once the contract is signed by the instructor and student, please send a copy to the student's advisor. When the course has been completed, send request to change the grade to the registrar at and their advisor.

Technology Issues

Contact Course Coordinator for technology issue(s) related to the course for example, modules missing or out of order, broken links etc. 

Course Evaluations (revised Spring, 2019)

  1. Course evaluations will now be available to students in all sessions of the year. Evaluation Kit is an embedded system in Moodle and pop-up reminders will come to students when they log into VH, until the evaluations are completed. Faculty no longer have to compile results or send them to anyone. 
  2. The Week 6 announcement should include an encouraging statement about completing the course evaluation, and reminders should be sent to encourage participation.
  3. The final day for students to post their evaluation is Friday, the last day of class in week 7.
  4. There is a course evaluation module in the practicum courses only.  This is for the links for preceptor evaluations of student and program, and for student evaluations of preceptor. These links should be sent to the preceptor and students by the faculty.
  5. Faculty can see their results within Evaluation Kit in VH.  These results will be available to faculty on the Monday following course closure.  To access results, there is a block called Evaluation Kit User Access. Click there to access the Evaluation Kit dashboard.  Click on View, and choose the option desired (Detailed Report and Comments).  Faculty will be able to see the results of their class only.

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