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  • How are tasks made?
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Tasks have two main characteristics...

Each task should be traceable back to one of three originating sources...

a) Campus Projects - These are projects initiated because of some campus need. These are the projects that appear on the 'Active Technology Projects' list. (e.g. Housing Management System)
b) Internal Projects - These are projects that are initiated and managed by CIS to improve infrastructure, perform maintenance, fix issues, etc. (e.g. Banner Linux Migration, Routine Maintenance, etc.)
c) Service Desk Tickets - These are calls to the service desk that are not related to any project. This is unplanned work.
Each CIS resource should know what tasks they should work on next? We need to be able to prioritize projects, both campus and internal, from the top-down and have those priorities represented in the bottom up task view. So the order of the tasks in each person's work queue will be based on some combination of the original source (Campus Project, Internal Project or Help Desk Ticket) and the priority of the project or ticket.

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