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  • Lyris List - Adding Many Members (from a file)
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Lyris List - Adding Many Members (from a file)

Part I - Creating the file

Open Microsoft Office Excel

Label column 1: FULLNAME_
Label column 2: EMAILADDR_
These labels must be exactly as above: capital letters, spelling, _ at end

Under column 1, enter the name. ex: John Doe
Under column 2, enter the email for the user from column 1. ex:
Repeat this for all users
Make sure there are no extra characters in these fields, if they are not precise it will cause errors

File >> Save As (2007: Other formats)
Save this in a logical location for you.
Save as type: CSV (Comma delimited)(*.csv)

Say 'OK' and 'Yes' to warning windows.

Close Microsoft Office Excel
Say 'No' to 'save changes?' window.

Part II - Adding members to the list from the file

Log into Lyris

Click on the current list you are in to get a listing of all lists (top right corner)

Select the list to which you want to add members

On the Left Nav Click 'Members', Point to 'Add Members', Click 'Import from CSV File'

Keep the default (already selected for you) values

  • You may wish to choose 'yes' to 'Update existing members' if you have changed someones name or address in your file.
    This option will NOT delete any members ie: member is not in new file, but was in previously imported file -they will remain in Lyris list

Click 'Browse' and select the file you created in Part I of this page
Click 'Import'

The import process can take many minutes. When it is complete you will see a window similar to the below:

You may or may not have failures. If you do, note the line the error is in, and go to that corresponding line in your file. Fix the issue(s), then complete the Import from CSV File operation again.

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