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  • How to upgrade your Laptop to Windows 10 Version 20H2

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Please note this update will take approximately an hour to install and can run in the background, but there is a required reboot in the middle of the upgrade that applies the settings, and it can take approximately 20 minutes before you are able to sign back on the pc. If you are using a laptop, you will need to be present to sign-on the encryption page before the reboot takes effect. The upgrade should prompt you for the reboot.

Before You Start

  1. Complete a backup of your key data
  2. Quit all your open applications
  3. Connect to a fast and reliable internet connection, such as the campus wifi or the wired internet connection in your office
  4. Connect your device to power and make sure your power cables are securely connected at both ends

How long will it take to perform the upgrade?

This Upgrade requires a large data download and times can vary depending on computer hardware and your internet connection. In our testing, the upgrade finishes fastest when done on campus. On average, newer computers take about an hour to complete on campus. Older hardware that is off campus may take several hours or more to complete.

To prevent the upgrade from interrupting your work, we suggest starting the upgrade at the end of a workday, and making certain the upgrade is running before leaving it to run overnight.

To Install the Upgrade:

On the search bar, type “Software Center” or go to All Programs (Or All Apps) – Microsoft Endpoint Manager and select "Software Center"