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For scheduling and setup assistance please follow these instructions to allow to schedule the Bronco Ready Meetings for you. 

  1. Visit
  2. Scroll down to 'In Meeting (Advanced)' and turn on 'Breakout room' and 'Allow host to assign participants to breakout rooms'

  3. Then scroll down to 'Schedule Privilege' and click the '+'  to assign to schedule for you.

Note: You will still be able to start the meeting by opening the Zoom app and logging in or starting the meeting from here:


Once you start your meeting follow these instructions to assig co-hosts to presenters

  1. Click on then scroll over any members that will be presenting
  2. Choose 'More' then 'Make Co-Host' This will allow the co-host the appropriate permissions for the meetings.


Starting break out rooms and assigning participants

  1. Click on the  option towards the bottom of the Zoom window
  2. Students that signed in before joining should be placed in the correct groups.  Other students may need to be manually assigned to rooms.
    Scroll over their name and choose 'Assign to' then choose the correct break-out room.
  3. Once everyone is in the correct rooms you can start the rooms by selecting