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titleTeams Retention Policy

Group lifetime (in days): 540

Email Contact for groups with no owners:

Enable expiration for these Microsoft 365 groups: AllGroups will expire after a time elapse of no use. IF the Team owners does not choose to retain the Team for longer it will be deleted.

titleInstructions for Help Desk to create a Team
  1. Click on 'Teams' on the left side of your window

  2. Click on 'Join or create a team' towards the bottom left of your screen

  3. Then click 'Create a Team'

  4. Choose the appropriate Team Type. Choose 'Staff**perhaps 'Other' so users can email the group if they would like.
    More info on each type can be found here: Choose a team type to collaborate in Microsoft Teams

  5. Add members to your group by typing in their names and choosing the correct user.  Then press 'Add'

  6. To send a message to the team click on 'Teams' on the left, choose the team you want to send to, and type a message at the bottom
  7. The new naming convention for Teams will be as follows:

    Starting with the Team suffixes of Department, Project, Committee or Other.

    (Abbreviated as “Dept”, “Proj”, “Comm” or “Team")

    Then we will need a name for the Team/Group. Trying to be as purposeful and clear as possible with the name of the Team/Group.  

    So when we create the group it would be named something like this:

    ex) Dept-VetSci-Beagle Puppy Adoptions 2021-22

    ex) Proj-VetSci-Office Move to Alumni

    ex) Comm-VetSci-IST Position Winter 2021

    ex) Team-VetSci&Nursing 
  8.  Activate for email address sends to the team & Hide email from Address Book
    1. Go to M365 Admin > Teams & Groups > Active Teams & Groups
    2. Search/find the Team (might take up to an hr for it to show up after creation)
    3. Click the team > Settings
    4. Check the 2 boxes below