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Creating a key with And/Or questions

  1. Start by launching the ZipGrade app, select 'Quizzes'

  2. Press 'New Quiz' in the top right.

  3. On the next screen you will setup:

        1. Name of the Quiz
        2. Select an answer sheet - Use 100 Question Form
        3. Select the course for the Quiz
        4. Then press 'OK' or 'Create Quiz'

  4. After the quiz is created.  Choose 'Edit Key'


a) Enter answer key in the appb) Scan the paper key into the app
  1. Tap the answers you want for the key.  To change point values press '1pt' next to the answer.

2. Enter the point value for each question and press 'Save'

3. To enter a default point scale for an entire quiz, press the three dots or the gearbox in the top right

Enter a point value and press 'Save' or 'Continue'

  1. Fill in a blank 100 Question sheet and press 'Scan for Key'

2. If you choose 'Scan for Key'  Hold your phone over your answer key until all four light boxes

    match up with the four black boxes on the key.

3. Once the key is scanned, you have the option to 'Use' or 'Redo

4. Last you want to choose your point value and press 'Save'

(This will set all questions to the same point value)

And Or
And Or
Adding an And/Or Question to a key

Adding 'And' Question

Adding 'Or' Question

  1. In the 'Edit Key' section, choose all questions that need to be selected for full credit

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  1. In the 'Edit Key' section, choose one of the answers that is correct.
    Then press '1pt' to the right of the question

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  2. Press 'Add Answer' and choose the point value of the secondary answer

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