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  • Templates and Uploading of the Uniform Course Syllabus (2.5)

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Above are the templates for the 2013-2014 Uniform Course Syllabus. One is for face-to-face "classroom" use, and the other is for "online" courses.
Please check your old syllabus against the newer ones above, since there have been changes to the syllabus template.
The new uniform course syllabus process requires you to upload the document to the SUNY Delhi Syllabi course in Vancko Hall so it can be archived.


Step 1. Directions for downloading and filling in the template:

  1. Download the template Word file from above (be sure to get the correct version: classroom vs. online). To download the template,  simply click on the file name at the top of this page.(Ignore the links to the right: just click right on the name of the file you want and then choose SAVE rather than Open.) 
  2. Add your course info to the document and click the "File" menu > "Save as".
  3. Type in the new name of the file using the naming convention below, and take notice of where it is saving the document. Click "Desktop" to save it to the desktop for ease of finding the file. 


    IMPORTANT:   The files will need to be saved with a standard naming convention to ensure that they can be found easily in the future.  Please follow this format: ## Subj-Crs-CRN-InstructorLastName

    1. Example:  if you were teaching literature, CRN 10001 in the second semester of 2011 and your last name is Burger,  your syllabus should be named  LITR-100-10001-Burger
  4. Once you have your entire uniform syllabus in a Word document, please follow the directions below so it can be archived for future reference.  Please ensure that the file is named correctly  (see blue box above).
  5. The next step is to upload the Word document to the SUNY Delhi Syllabi course in Vancko Hall.
    1. A new feature in Moodle 2.5 is the ability to drag and drop files from your desktop into the class page.
    2. If you wish to utilize this feature, please save a copy of the syllabus file on your desktop in a place where you can see it with the browser open


Step 2. Uploading the document to the Vancko Hall SUNY Delhi Syllabi Archive (new 12/9/13)

Instructions to upload the document are outlined below in text and in video format

(Click any image below to see larger version)


The online support services team in the Callas Center for Teaching and Learning has moved all Moodle Support Guides over to the new Faculty Lounge in Moodle (Vancko Hall).
We will no longer host anything in Confluence, and instead will keep all Moodle guides in the new Faculty Lounge.
When you log into Vancko Hall (VH) and are on the main homepage you will see the Faculty Lounge button over on the right side. You can also find it on the main menu at the top of VH.
When you log into the Faculty Lounge you will see two modules:
  1. Moodle Support Guides: all the step-by-step guides to using Moodle.
  2. Video Tutorials: These support screencasts on 'how to' do various important functions in Moodle.
You can find the new Faculty Lounge directly with this link:  
You can find instructions to upload your syllabus at the SUNY Delhi Syllabi Course in Vancko Hall found at the following link:



Click the "Add entry" tab

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If you do not see the "Add entry" tab on your screen, please contact the helpdesk by emailing or by phone at 607-746-4835


  1. To do this, click on the file and hold down the mouse button.
  2. Drag the file onto the "Syllabus File Upload" box and release the mouse button.
  3. Go to the last step below.


  1. Click "Browse" to locate the properly named syllabus file (from above)
  2. Click on the "Upload this file" button.


Your syllabus is now archived and viewable by all Delhi faculty, staff and students.


If students require a printed copy of the syllabus, they are free to download it and print it themselves.

nameSyllabus demonstration.swf


If you have questions or issues with the Microsoft Word template, please contact the helpdesk by emailing or by phone at 607-746-4835

Accessing Archived Syllabi