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Office 2010 at Delhi

In Spring 2010, CIS at SUNY Delhi will begin began testing office 2010.  We will start started with our own department in addition to some other strategically picked offices.   We will also be asking for a limited number of asked for volunteers willing to help us test the new version. The feedback from the pilot group has been very positive.   Delhi is upgrading office from version 2003, bypassing version 2007 in most areas.  Microsoft has completely revamped the user interface between version 2003 and 2007 so many of you will find the interface to be much different, and at first perhaps a little overwhelming.  Fear not.  While things have certainly changed, the changes are for the better.  The menus, options, and document workflow have been redesigned to be easier to follow and more intuitive.  People who have already upgraded tell us  that “at first I had to get used to the new layout, but now it is so much easier to use than 2003”.    CIS is dedicated to making this transition as seamless as possible and to providing you with the resources needed to get up to speed.  We have compiled some excellent resources  below for your reference.

Overview of project

CIS will install the application remotely.  That is, a technician does not need to visit your desk to install the new version.   Older versions of Microsoft Office will automatically be removed from your computer.  Your documents will not be affected during this installation.  You will be informed in the days leading up to the installation on your computer.More information on the migration plan can be found here:

What’s New in 2010

Office 2010 has introduced many new features since version 2003.  Many of these features are designed to make working with the system easier.   To get an overview of all the things that have changed since version 2003,  Click Here.


To get more information about the ribbon, click here.

Quick Reference resources

To get you started quickly,  CIS has provided the following quick start guides.  These guides are aimed at users who have skipped over MS Office 2007 and instead have gone from 2003 to 2010.  We suggest that all users take the time to read over the documents for the version you use regularly.   Many of the frequently asked questions will be covered in these short documents.


Menu Guides

A lot of the questions received about office 2010 is how to do things compared to version 2003.  We have discovered that people who have never used MS Office before have an easier time getting used to the new version than people who are seasoned experts on older versions.   This is because the look and feel of the systems have changed so much that you now have to hunt for the functions you used to know so well.   The good news is that once you have found them,  their placement is usually more intuitive than in previous versions.  To help you get used to the new layout, we have provided these tools.  


Microsoft Office 2010 Detailed Ribbon Commands

Self Paced Training

As part of our campus agreement with Microsoft,  SUNY Delhi faculty and staff have access to a wide variety of training materials designed to familiarize you with various Microsoft applications.  There are classes ranging from a complete beginner all the way up to advanced users.  These courses are self-paced.   You can begin a course today and finish it tomorrow or at your convenience. 


Course 10295: Beginner Skills in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

Frequently asked questions

Feedback form

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Microsoft Office 2010 Detailed Ribbon Commands