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  • Assistant Systems Administrator

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  • Assists with Operating System administration for campus-wide servers.
  • Monitors production systems for operational problems.
  • Performs advanced diagnosis of production system reported problems coming from the Service Center
  • Provides technical support to Client Support Services for Desktop and Server based service troubleshooting.
  • Responsible for academic departments lab software deployment.
  • Documents work in ticket tracking software
  • Review, comments, contributes and authors documentation and projects in the enterprise documentation repository (currently Confluence).
  • Performs Quality Assurance testing of new software and patches before deployment.
  • Makes System Administrator approved changes to Group Policies
  • Monitors daily patch management status, antivirus status.
  • Prepares software for deployment to end-user systems.
  • Resets password and creates new user accounts on systems.
  • Works with Telecommunications-Administrator to troubleshoot reported production system problems.
  • Monitors backup systems for college servers
  • Maintains software licensing records at the direction of the campus-wide Software License Manager