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Hello all,

As noted in my recent email to all faculty, please remember that instructors are responsible for opening Vancko Hall courses to students. To so so, follow these directions:

Please note: we highly recommend all online courses open to students on the Wednesday prior to the first day of the term. This is so that they can see the course listed in Vancko Hall, go into the course and start becoming familiar with the environment while there are help services available. If you like, you can open the course but close the eyeball (hide) all the modules except the introductory information and syllabus.

Also, please be sure to send out a Welcome Letter which tells students important information about contacting you, getting textbooks, getting into Vancko Hall, what day the course will be made available, etc.

Here is a sample Welcome Letter:

There are a couple ways you can send the Welcome Letter-

  1. either using the email list generated by BroncoWeb :
  2. Or post the Welcome Letter as an announcement using the News Forum in your course - which will email all students in the course. (Please note, however, that if your course is not yet available to students, they WILL receive the email, but they will NOT be able to click the email to enter the course.)

If you have any questions, please use the Get Technical Help link in each course and throughout Vancko Hall to contact us.

Have a great semester!