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The product back log is a comprehensive list of all enhancements/projects under development within CIS. Development includes: Identifying Needs, Requirements Gathering, Resource Analysis, Deployment, and Operations (Administration).

Enhancements and projects are initiated by CIS technology users and/or the SUNY Delhi Community, and are introduced into the CIS Development Lifecycle. Each item listed is sponsored by an individual customer or end-user, identified as the Product Manager or Sponsor. This list is maintained by the Product Management Office which works with Product Managers or Sponsors to define the project and assess CIS's ability to contribute. CIS's readiness, or ability to undertake the project and successfully meet the Product Manager's or Sponsor's project goals, or outcomes, is assessed by the Technology Advisory Group (TAG), quarterly.

If you do not see your project or initiative, please contact the CIS Service Center (Help Desk).

Current Backlog

The following list is sorted alphabetically, no inference to priority should be made.

  • Advisor Perception Inventory 
  • Barnes and Noble Bookstore
  • Campus Notification (Public Address) System
  • Card Swipe/Door Locks
  • Centralized Advising System (ala SCCC)
  • Data Center Build Out
  • Data Center Re-Design
  • Document Management Center detailed roll out plan
  • Email Migration
  • Existing Faculty Notebook upgrades
  • Faculty Orientation (Vancko Hall)
  • Golf Course Restaurant (CADI)
  • HMS Installation
  • Instant Messaging for Enrollment Services
  • Microsoft Office 2007 Deployment/Installation/Training
  • MyCall Pilot
  • Network Replacement (wireless)
  • Online course evaluations
  • Power Distribution Unit Replacement (Data Center)SCAP report (to receive $54,800 for this FY)
  • Security Cameras
  • Server Backup Software Replacement
  • SFCU ATM installation
  • Signatures Restaurant POS system
  • SIS/Banner OS Migration
  • Student Authentication
  • Student Share for storing files (password protected)
  • Systems Monitoring
  • Technology Classrooms
  • Vancko Hall / Moodle training/documentation
  • Vending machines on campus network (CADI)
  • Virtualization
  • VistaEmail Software Replacement
  • Web forms solution
  • Web Survey tools 
  • Windows Deployment Services / Business Desktop Deployment (WDS/BDD)