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  1. Download the template Word file from above (be sure to get the correct version: classroom vs. online). To download the template,  simply click on the file name at the top of this page.(Ignore the links to the right: just click right on the name of the file you want and then choose SAVE rather than Open.) 
  2. Add your course info to the document and click the "File" menu > "Save as".
  3. Type in the new name of the file using the naming convention below, and take notice of where it is saving the document. Click "Desktop" to save it to the desktop for ease of finding the file. 


    IMPORTANT:   The files will need to be saved with a standard naming convention to ensure that they can be found easily in the future.  Please follow this format: ## Subj-Crs-CRN-InstructorLastName

    1. Example:  if you were teaching literature, CRN 10001 in the second semester of 2011 and your last name is Burger,  your syllabus should be named  LITR-100-10001-Burger
  4. Once you have your entire uniform syllabus in a Word document, please follow the directions below so it can be archived for future reference.  Please ensure that the file is named correctly  (see blue box above).
  5. The next step is to upload the Word document to the SUNY Delhi Syllabi course in Vancko Hall.  (You can also save the document as a pdf if you wish.)


Step 2. Uploading the document to the Vancko Hall SUNY Delhi Syllabi Archive (new





Instructions to upload the document are outlined below in text and in video format

(Click any image below to see larger version)

  1. Log into Vancko Hall - Moodle 2.x via Delhi Logins or directly at 8 at
  2. Enter the SUNY Delhi Syllabi course (or go directly here: )
  3. Locate the correct academic year section and click on the correct term 
    Image Removedterm (example: Fall 2015)
  4. Image Added

  5. Click the "Add entry" tab

    Image RemovedImage Added


    If you do not see the "Add entry" tab on your screen, please contact the helpdesk by emailing or by phone at 607-746-4835

  6. Fill in the 5 text fields
  7. Click the "Choose a file..." buttonYou can drag your syllabus file into the Syllabus File Upload box, or you can click the "Add" button on the top left of the box.
  8. Click "Upload a file"
  9. Click "Browse" to locate the properly named syllabus file (from above)
  10. Click either "Save and view" or "Save and add another"


If students require a printed copy of the syllabus, they are free to download it and print it themselves.

nameSyllabus demonstration.swf


If you have questions or issues with the Microsoft Word template, please contact the helpdesk by emailing or by phone at 607-746-4835