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Accessing Submitted Assignments:

  1. Click on the assignment name
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  2. Click the link to view the submitted assignments
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Quick-Grading Assignments

Many instructors choose to make word documents or Excel spreadsheets of grades and then record all of the grades at once.  In order to use "quick grading" to insert grades for multiple assignments at once:

  1. Select "Allow quick grading" check box and then click the "Save preferences" button
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  2. Enter grades and comments for each student
  3. Click the "Save all my feedback' button
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Resetting "Send for marking" submissions

  • If a student clicks "Send for marking" accidentally, the instructor can click on "revert to draft" when grading an individual's submission to allow the student to re-upload in draft mode again
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Sending Feedback and Individual Response Files

If you have responded with comments on a document or need to send another type of response file to a student, you will need to open the student's individual assignments to grade them.  You may also use this option to grade assignments one at at time.


Grade Notifications:

To notify students that their assignment has been graded, you can check the "send notifications" button form either the quick grading or individual grading screen.  The image below displays the quick grading screen.

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Grade overrides:

On occasion, you may come across a grade that appears locked and that you cannot change.  The grade has been overridden and needs to be unlocked.  Please see this page for more information.




The online support services team in the Callas Center for Teaching and Learning has moved all Moodle Support Guides over to the new Faculty Lounge in Moodle (Vancko Hall).
We will no longer host anything in Confluence, and instead will keep all Moodle guides in the new Faculty Lounge.
When you log into Vancko Hall (VH) and are on the main homepage you will see the Faculty Lounge button over on the right side. You can also find it on the main menu at the top of VH.
When you log into the Faculty Lounge you will see two modules:
  1. Moodle Support Guides: all the step-by-step guides to using Moodle.
  2. Video Tutorials: These support screencasts on 'how to' do various important functions in Moodle.
You can find the new Faculty Lounge directly with this link: