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Internet Requirements
Since many instructors use extensive graphical and interactive web presentations in their online courses, SUNY Delhi requires that students enrolled in Internet courses have broadband Internet access. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) should provide any necessary software and directions along with a technical support to help you get connected and to resolve problems you may have later.  Remember to test your computer and Internet connection well in advance of the start of the January Term to ensure that the connection is working properly. 

Computer Requirements
The computer should be a Pentium III (1 Ghz) or faster with at least 512MB RAM. 

Software Requirements
Please see the Vancko Hall Technical Requirements page for information about browsers and other requirements. Once you are connected to the Internet visit the "Vancko Hall Browser Check" to make sure your browser settings are correct. (
Some courses may require the use of additional software programs and computer hardware products to complete course requirements. Be sure to check the course description for additional computer requirements before you enroll.

Your Computer's Health
Spyware is the #1 source of all  problems reported.  Spyware is present on nearly everyone's computer in some form and may have been installed without your knowledge.  Use tools like Ad-Aware SE and Spybot - Search & Destroy to clean your system weekly.  These packages are available for free from

Blocking popups while using Vancko Hall will interfere with your ability to access your course work.  Disable all popup blockers while using Vancko Hall, or if you know how, add to your list of sites not to block.  Windows XP Service Pack 2 contains a popup blocker as well as third-party software like the Google ToolBar.

Microsoft Windows users should visit the Windows Update site at least once a month to install all critical security updates. Don't risk sending infected assignments to Vancko Hall. Our network will reject files found to contain viruses.   We recommend PC-cillin Internet Security software from, or a free package: AVG Anti-Virus from Grisoft. AVG, while not as robust as software you pay for, is many times better than having no protection. It is available at

1.    will use your 800 ID number
2.    will use your SUNY Delhi student email address
3.    will use your six digit student PIN to log in


1.    you will be assigned three things by the Office of Records and Registration:

  • an 800 SUNY Delhi ID number
  • a six digit student PIN to log in
  • a SUNY Delhi student email address.    The format is:  Your first name initial underscore your last name last two numbers of your student  Example: 

2.    The Office of Records and Registration will email these three items to non-SUNY Delhi students to the email address provided on the registration form.  The course instructor will be copied on this email.  After this initial notification using their non-Delhi student email address, students will be contacted via their SUNY Delhi student email.

Each Vancko Hall instructor will contact the students in his or her class with log-in procedures, course information, etc.

You have enrolled in an online course through SUNY Delhi.  It is important that you access the course using the instructions below.  Note:  You may not be able to access the course until the Wednesday prior to the course start date at the earliest.
•    Go to
•    Your username is your student ID number 800......
•    Your password is your 6 digit PIN #
•    Once you type in your username and password, click on Login
•   Using the "My Courses" block on the left, click on the name of the course to get into the course
If you have any questions or problems, please contact your instructor immediately.


•    For technical support, use this form: