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In Financial Planning 1. Review financial and managerial accounting 2. Set meaningful financial goals and measure financial performance 3. Make effective financial decisions that affect your practice, such as when to invest in new equipment. 4. Learn how to create value in your practice 5. Learn how to grow a practice financially In Marketing 1. Evaluate a practice¿s mission and objectives. 2. Understand buying behavior of clients 3. Maximize marketing dollars by learning how to target the audience you can best serve. 4. Learn how to accurately evaluate the success of a practice¿s marketing efforts. 5. Learn how to use demographic information keyed to ZIP CODES in a practice. In Strategic Planning 1. Gain a clear perspective on how internal and external factors affect a veterinary practice. 2. Learn how to deal with competition and clients in a veterinary practice situation. 3. Learn how colleagues solve challenges similar to your own 4. Develop a strategic planning tool kit tailored to your practice with useful guides and models 5. Learn a more integrated way of thinking about your goals, strengths and weaknesses. 6. Learn how to define a strategy for success.

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