Q: How can I convert a Windows Media Video (WMV) or an MPG video to a (smaller) and more accessible MP4 or Flash video?

A: Here is a short list of video conversion tools known to work:

Windows PC

  1. Nero ($$) (some Delhi departments have a copy of this)
  2. AVI-FLV-MP4-WMV Converter (free 15 day trail): http://download.cnet.com/AVI-FLV-MP4-WMV-Converter/3000-2194_4-10864007.html
    1. Open AVI-FLV-MP4-WMV Converter
    2. Click the "Add Video Files" button
    3. Select the video you wish to convert
    4. Click the "Open" button
    5. Repeat the previous three steps for each video that needs to be converted
    6. Select "Flash Video Movie (*.flv)" from the "Output:" drop down menu
    7. Click the "Convert Now!" button

Q: Why should I convert my WMV or MPG files to MP4 or Flash?

A: The files will be much smaller, saving space, money, bandwidth, and time for users. Flash files are also more accessible to all computer systems.

Q: What are the steps for converting my videos and putting them in my Vancko Hall course?


  1. Install one of the converters and convert the files to FLV format.
  2. For multiple videos, select them and "send to" compressed/zipped file.
  3. Upload file(s) to VH. If you upload a zip file, unzip the file once uploaded to VH, and delete the zip file once unzipped.
  4. On the course homepage, create a link to each video, using "Add a resource" > Link to a file or website.