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Bellow is the initial text version of this document. See attachments above for current version.

The orientation brochure will be targeted to new faculty and staff, in both print and electronic format, to be included in HR's orientation packet.

1 double side sheet, folded into 3rd, 6 panels


Delhi Online Education Services(image--- ?)

  • Moodle Training and Support Services (one-on-one as well as periodic group sessions)
  • Assistance with course set-up, development, design, and optimization
  • Assistance with incorporation of Web 2.0 tools into courses
  • Online step-by-step instructions for common tasks
  • Quality assurance assistance
  • Administer student evaluations of fully online courses
  • Monitor and assist with expanding online course offerings

Want to develop a course for online delivery?

We will work closely will you and provide any assistance necessary. Generous compensation is provided for successful development of each new online course. The first step is to submit a written proposal for approval by the program faculty and Division Dean according to the Curriculum Committee Guidelines. Courses proposed for online delivery will also require approval of the Curriculum Committee or approval of a pilot course by the Provost, before the course is taught.


Getting Help

  • Visit our Help Portal:
    Click on "Get Technical Help" when working in Vancko Hall
    • View any urgent system messages (e.g. scheduled maintenance)
    • 24/7: Search for instructions on how to solve your current question/issue
    • Live chat with support personnel for immediate assistance during business hours
    • 24/7: Create a help desk ticket by filling out an online form
    • Contact us by phone/voice mail
  • If the above Help Portal is not working for some reason: Call the Service Center (607)746-4835 or stop in (Bush Hall).

Contact Us

The best way to request help is to click on "Get Technical Help" from within Vancko Hall
Clark Shah-Nelson
Coordinator of Online Education
322 Bush Hall

Grady Miller
Assistant Coordinator of Online Education
315 Bush Hall

VH Fall image, Delhi logo

Vancko Hall

Vancko Hall is SUNY Delhi's installation of Moodle which is a Course Management System (CMS), also known as a Learning Management System (LMS) or a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

All of our online classes are held in Vancko Hall and all classes have course shells for web-enhanced or blended uses.

Although Vancko Hall is primarily used for academic instruction, other uses include: staff development workshops, training, committees, task forces, discussion groups, and official SUNY Delhi Student Clubs & Organizations. Vancko Hall is an excellent location for both collaboration and sharing resources.


Activities & Resources

  • Files (Word, PowerPoint, etc.)
    Files used in class can easily be made available for students to download.
  • Assignment Uploads
    All student assignments can be uploaded and graded in an organized manner. Instructors can make comments within the documents and upload a response file back to students. Assignment grades and comments can be entered into the VH gradebook.
  • Quizzes
    Most questions are graded automatically, while essay question are graded individually by the instructor. There are eleven different types of questions.
  • Web Pages
    A very convenient (and most easily updateable) way for faculty to display pertinent information to their students.
  • Links
    Links to relevant resources, journals, web sites, blogs, etc. can easily be added
  • Chats
    Live text chats and even audio/video chats with screensharing and whiteboards can be used for synchronous communication.
  • Wikis
    Collaboratively built wikis can be incorporated into classwork

These are just the tip of the iceberg! There are a host of other tools for use, and other websites and media such as blogs and instructional video and audio can also be embedded into courses.



We have developed courses to help both students and faculty to become familiar with the online learning environment here at SUNY Delhi. All of these are linked in the right column of the Vancko Hall Entrance. (image)

  • VH Student Orientation
    Excellent resource for students who have never taken an online class in Moodle/Vancko Hall.
  • Faculty Orientation
    Introduces new faculty to Vancko Hall, as well as SUNY Delhi online systems in general.
  • Pedagogical Orientation
    Very helpful for those teaching and developing fully online classes. Covers best practices for online teaching.

All of the orientations above have "Certificates of Completion" available. There are awarded to participants who achieve more than 70% using the self-check quizzes and assignments.

How to's, FAQ's link

Logging in, getting started

Getting Started in Vancko Hall


  • Type in your browser's address bar
  • From the Delhi main web page (, click on "Delhi Logins" and then on "Vancko Hall"

Username: 800# (Staff/Student ID#) - all 9 digits. (NOTE: SSN will not work!)
Password: Same PIN as BroncoWeb

If you cannot log in with your 800# and PIN, try changing your PIN in BroncoWeb, then go back and try to login again. If that doesn't work, please call the Helpdesk.

Note that in the right column of the login page, there are links to a browser check, technical requirements, the Get Technical Help page, as well as a page of introductory images and information.


Deb Underwood: I see that you only make mention of the Helpdesk in the BroncoWeb pin section, do you not want to use the helpdesk phone in addition to your online help? We specifically have staff here after 4 pm to assist with VH issues and what if the web goes down?