The following links may direct you to the Faculty Lounge in Vancko Hall.  You will need to be logged in to view these resources.  For a complete listing of all Vancko Hall Trainings, Guides, Tutorials, and Videos, please visit the Faculty Lounge at

See this page for more information and instructions:


How do I upload my syllabus in Vancko Hall?

See this video: Templates & Uploading of Course Syllabus

When developing an online course, what general standards should be followed?See this page: Quality Matters Rubric
How can I get started using Vancko Hall?Go through this self-paced course:
What web browser should I be using for Vancko Hall?The Callas Center for Educational Technology & Instruction recommends the use of Google Chrome.

How can I prevent students from posting to a forum ?

See this page: Prevent Posting in a Forum

How do I create a META Course?

It is required that all META course creation requests go through the Callas Center.  Please submit a ticket to the Help Desk for your request.

How do you view student activity reports?

See this page: Viewing Detailed Logs

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