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  • Vancko Hall Entrance Makeover
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Now that Flexpage is enabled on our Moodle instances, we are able to give the Vancko Hall Entrance a minor cosmetic makeover that will look more like the Delhi web site (official Delhi colors/branding), reduce clutter, enable tabs at the top to separate portions of content. This makeover is not an upgrade, nor a change in software functionality - it  will merely change the colors and placement of text and links on the VH frontpage and make the default theme in courses match the Delhi website colors. Instructors will still be able to choose their own forced course theme as before.


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Other Changes

  1. -My Courses block will now be a site-wide sticky block in the upper left block. This will provide consistency throughout the site for navigating from course to course. (-was taking too much space to be a sticky block in every course.)
  2. ? People/Participants block will no longer be a right side sticky block (it is a default block in the left in all new/blank courses).
  3. Shall we remove Online Users block from the VH Entrance?(this will remain the same as before)
  4. ? Disable ability for each user to have their own "preferred theme" in profile, because anything but "default" will not allow frontpage tabs to be seen. (This does not affect course themes which remain the same.)


  1. Set up Delhi colors, logo, branding, and initial page structure. (Complete)
  2. Set all settings on test server, test as instructors, students (Oct 27)
  3. Test on various browsers/computers, library, etc. as instructors and students - and tweak accordingly. (Oct 28)
  4. Set up feedback form on Surveymonkey (Oct. 29-Nov 1)
  5. Send notice to MUG group, inviting them to take a look and make comments (Nov 11-14)
  6. Prepare documentation materials - late December/early Jan: confluence page, pdf, video, etc.
  7. Distribute documentation, including date for change (January 20, 2011)
  8. Plan for and make change on January 20, 2011.

Change Process and Specifics

  1. Have Express block added to VH
  2. Finalize Express template and download from test server, add to VH (Grady)
  3. Set Theme Selector to Express  (Clark)
  4. Check Frontpage setting: Show page format on front page (Clark)
  5. Set up the pages (Clark) (backup test frontpage, restore to VH) or do manually below:

On Manage Pages tab - all eyeballs open.

Additional Items:

  1. copy/paste all content from test to prod for each tab (Clark)
  2. edit sticky blocks, removing People/Participants,(Clark)
  3. New Help! sticky block -with fewer links (Clark)
  4. Disable ability for each user to have their own "preferred theme" in profile, because anything but "default" will not allow frontpage tabs to be seen. (Clark)
  5. Add "Participants" block to upper right column in all BSN DESIGN and running courses. (Grady)