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There are 3 types of wiki activities in Vancko Hall:

  • teacher wiki
  • student wiki
  • group wiki

If your instructor has set up the wiki so that you can edit the wiki (either student or group wiki) you will be able to click on the "Edit" tab and edit or add text, images, etc. to the wiki, as well as add new pages to the wiki and link them to each other.


A wiki has 6 tabs, but the most commonly used tabs are "View" and "Edit."

Editing a wiki page

Editing the standard Moodle wiki is simple.

  • Click on the Edit tag at the top of the wiki page
  • Edit the text just like you do in many other Moodle activities. You can also add images and tables here.
  • Then save the page, or preview the page before saving.

Adding a wiki page

Participants in a Wiki can create a new page by editing an existing Wiki page and adding a Wiki link that points to the page they want to create. Note: New pages don't just have to be created from the first page of a wiki. You can make a new page from any existing wiki page. This can be helpful when adding subtopics to an existing topic. You can see how a wiki is organized by using the "Map" tab pictured above. 

  To add a wiki page:
  1. Click the Edit tab on the front page of the Wiki.
  2. In the edit box type the title of the new page that you want to create. Enclose the title text in double square brackets.
  3. Click Save.
  4. The page you have just edited will now be displayed. The words "My First Added Page" will be displayed with italic font and in a new color to indicate a link to a page.
  5. Click on the page title and you will be taken to "create page" screen that allows you to select the formatting. Leave the formatting as HTML, which is the default. Click "create page"
  6. You are now taken to the editing page for your new page. Edit this new page with text as you will, and then click Save. You just created a new wiki linkable page.
  7. Want to see where your page fits into the organization of the whole wiki?
    1. Click the Map tab at the top of the page.
    2. Click on the Links option in the Map menu dropdown.