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Quizzes in Vancko Hall have a variety of settings and ways they can be set up by the instructor, but a few things are very important for students to know when taking quizzes:

DO NOT USE Internet Explorer 9 while attempting a quiz. You may not be able to answer certain question types (including drag-and-drop matching). We recommended that you use Firefox. You can download and install Firefox for free:

Most Importantly:

  1. Pop-ups MUST be enabled in your browser for in order to take a quiz in Vancko Hall
  2. IF your quiz is currently open, there is a button that reads "attempt quiz now" at the bottom of the quiz page, and when you click on this button, it will open a pop-up window with the quiz. If that doesn't happen, see #1.
  3. If you are taking a quiz that has a time limit, once you open the quiz, a timer will appear in the upper left hand corner. Upon beginning a quiz attempt, the clock starts, and DOES NOT STOP - even if you quit, log out, or shut down your computer. (see image 1 below)
  4. As you are taking a quiz, clicking on "Next" submits your answer and saves it,  but when you are finished with the exam and wish to send your answers to your professor, you MUST click on "Submit all and finish" or your answers cannot be graded!
  5. When taking a quiz with questions on multiple pages, clicking on the "(Next)", "(Previous)" or page number links at the top or bottom will move you to the next question.
  6. If your quiz is due at a certain time on a certain date, your quiz will close itself at that time. Even if you start an attempt prior to that closing time, it is not possible to continue working on a quiz attempt after the due time/date. You should always complete the quiz and click on "Submit all and finish" prior to the due date/time.
  7. If your instructor has chosen to deliver the quiz with "Full Screen pop-up with some Javascript security" - and you use Internet Explorer, you may NOT be able to paste in your answers to essay questions from another application/program or tab/window. It is safest to plan to type in essay answers and format the text in the quiz itself. Some browsers such as Mozilla Firefox will allow you to paste them in.
  8. When you are finished taking a quiz in Vancko Hall, you MUST click on "Submit all and Finish" in order for your quiz to be graded. (see image 2 below)

Technical Issues:

  1. Whenever you have any kind of technical issue when taking a quiz, you should stop what you are doing and write the following down, then contact the Computer Information System's Service Center:
    1. What exactly did you click on just before the incident occurred? (What button, number, icon, link, etc.)
    2. What is the question you just answered? (not just the number of the question, but the actual question itself?)
    3. If you received an error message: write down exactly what the error message said.
    4. If you did not receive an error message, write down what exactly happened (i.e. the screen went black, it took me back to Vancko Hall Entrance, the browser quit, the computer froze, etc.)
    5. What is the exact name of the quiz you were working on?
    6. What is the course and CRN # you were working in? (Example: NURS-300-10561-200902 - that gives the name, the CRN#, (10561) and the term (200902 - Spring of 2009)
    7. Where were you working - at home, in a computer lab (which room # and building?)
    8. Wireless or ethernet? (If wireless, was it Bronco Wireless or your home wireless network?)
    9. What browser were you using? (Internet Explorer 9, Internet Explorer 10, Mozilla Firefox 24, Safari, etc...

IMAGE 1:  Clicking "Next" on a quiz will save your answer and brings you to the next screen:

Image 2: Everyone MUST Click on "Submit all and finish" to end a quiz attempt and get the attempt graded:

  • To reach this screen to submit all and finish, you must click 'next' through each page of questions, even if all questions are on one page
  • If a question  is "Not yet answered", clicking submit all and finish means that a student may not go back and work on that question                                         



IMAGE 3:  Be sure to click "Submit all and finish" on the confirmation popup screen

  • Once this is completed, a student may not go back and work on the quiz so be sure all questions have been answered


Other info:

  1. You can go back and change the answers that you have submitted individually until such time that you "Submit all and Finish" the entire exam.
  2. You will be allowed to take the exam as many times as your instructor permits. Some faculty may permit a second chance at the exam, other faculty may only permit one chance at the exam.
  3. Your grade may be given to you instantaneously upon submission of the completed exam, if the faculty member has chosen this feature.
  4. If a grade is not given instantaneously upon submitting a completed exam, the grade will be available once the time slot for that quiz has closed
  5. It is possible that your instructor has configured the quiz to tell you which answers are correct with a green check mark, and which answers were wrong with a red checkmark.
  6. If the faculty has given an explanation as to the correct answer, this will also be displayed...again, this feature is used at the discretion of the faculty member
  7. There are many different options for timing, grading, # of attempts allowed, type of feedback, whether a password is required, # of questions per page, whether you get graded on the first attempt, last attempt, average of all attempts, or highest score that an instructor has when creating a quiz, so if you have questions about these details, be sure to ask your professor.
  8. If using Bronco Wireless (on campus) please be sure that you are logged into it ( Otherwise, images in your quizzes may not display.

Q: When taking a quiz where each attempt builds on the last, when I reattempt the quiz the summary page says "Not yet answered" in the status on questions that I have answered.


In this type of quiz, where each attempt builds on the last, questions that go unchanged when you reattempt will read as "Not yet answered".  For example, let's say in a quiz with 4 questions, you answered one of them wrong.  In your next attempt, all of your previous answers will have been saved so you only need to change the answer of the question you marked wrong.  The summary page (see image 1) will only say "answer saved" for the question whose answer you changed.  In this situation, "Not yet answered" means the answer was unchanged.  You can submit all and finish and all of the answers will be saved/graded.