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1. Discussion Preferences in User Profile

Since discussion forums in Moodle allow subscriptions, you may find you get more emails than desired. There are a couple quick fixes for this.
The first step in managing discussions is actually in your user profile:

  1. Click on your name in the upper/lower right, and click on "edit profile" -

One of the fields is "Email digest type" - and the default is "NO digest - single email per forum post" - which sends you an email every time a user posts a message to any forum to which you are subscribed.  You can change this to a "complete" digest for 1 daily email with all posts in it, or a "subject only digest" for one daily email with only subjects in it. See the image below. You can even disable your email address on this page, but note that if you do, you will not receive any internal VH messages in your email, nor any forum subscription messages, which could include some very important announcements or messages from your instructor.

There is also a choice of whether or not to subscribe you automatically to forums you post to:

Forum auto-subscribe:
Yes: when I post, subscribe me to that forum
No: don't automatically subscribe me to forums. See the image below.

Forum tracking allows you to see which posts are new and that you have not yet read in your Vancko Hall courses:
Forum Tracking No: don't keep track of posts I have seen Yes: highlight new posts for me. See the image below.

2. Viewing Discussions and Managing Subscriptions

When viewing a forum in a course you take, you can see in the upper right, some choices and information about the forums:

  • Unsubscribe from this forum

That is where you can unsubscribe or subscribe to that individual discussion forum. See the image below.

Here's how to see all of your forums and whether you are subscribed or not on one page:

In the "Activities" block, - click on "Forums" - if there is no "Activities" block, click on any forum, then click on the "Forums" breadcrumb in the top left.

You will then see a listing of all the forums in the course and whether you are subscribed:
There are also links in the upper right for "subscribe to all forums" or "unsubscribe from all forums"

3. Unsubscribing to Forums via Email Notifications

When you receive email notifications from forum subscriptions, there are typically links to "unsubscribe from this forum" or "unsubscribe from all forums" within the email whenever it is possible to unsubscribe. (It is not possible to unsubscribe to News forums, because they are used for instructors to send important news and announcements.

4. Viewing a Forum

Also, when viewing a discussion forum, there are several different ways you can view - using the pulldown menu at the top after you have clicked on a discussion:
Here is more info on the various formats. Note that when tracking new messages in forums, the "threaded form" may work best. All flat and nested formats will mark all messages as "read" the moment you visit the discussion, because all messages are displayed on 1 page.