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The online support services team in the Callas Center for Teaching and Learning has moved all Moodle Support Guides over to the new Faculty Lounge in Moodle (Vancko Hall).
We will no longer host anything in Confluence, and instead will keep all Moodle guides in the new Faculty Lounge.
When you log into Vancko Hall (VH) and are on the main homepage you will see the Faculty Lounge button over on the right side. You can also find it on the main menu at the top of VH.
When you log into the Faculty Lounge you will see two modules:
  1. Moodle Support Guides: all the step-by-step guides to using Moodle.
  2. Video Tutorials: These support screencasts on 'how to' do various important functions in Moodle.
You can find the new Faculty Lounge directly with this link:  


  1. Hello, VH Gurus. Can one still log in as another student? I am unable to find this feature in VH2. I know one can "switch user" but for a particular student who may have trouble viewing modules or pages, it is useful for troubleshooting.

    1. Hi Amy--

      You can switch role to student, but instructors are unable to log-in as one particular student now.