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  • Using Leostream to access a lab machine remotely
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Leostream can be used to remotely access a lab machine to complete assignments requiring software that may only be available on campus.

Note: be sure to save your work often using OneDrive or save to NAS

Installing the Leostream client (Required for Architecture Students)

  1. Visit the download page for Leostream Connect below

  2. Click 'Download' listed under Step 1 of the above link. Then click the file to begin installing.
    Note: If the link does not begin the download try right clicking the link and choose 'Open in new Tab'
  3. When the Installer pops up choose an installation location and press 'Next'
  4. Check the box for 'Enable USB over IP' and hit Next
  5. Uncheck the top box and input as the Connection Broker address.  Click 'Next' and 'Finish'

Accessing Leostream after installation

  1. Go to your desktop and double click on the Leostream icon
  2. login using the beginning part of your Delhi email and your email password. Ex) CC111
  3. Choose the lab you want to connect to and press 'Connect'
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