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Total time: 30-45 minutes

  1. Welcome and introductions (3 min.)
  2. Introduce the UCS as a 3 step process: (3 min.)
    1. Download the file
    2. Fill out and save the file
    3. Upload the file to Vancko Hall and email to division secretary
  3. Download the file (5 min.)
    1. Show participants how to get to the page with the templates: OR > Logins > Confluence > Search > 2011 Uniform Course Syllabus
    2. Demonstrate downloading the correct file and opening with Word (and/or via browser on Windows PC)
  4. Filling out and saving the file (7 min.)
    1. Demonstrate adding text to each line
    2. Demonstrate formatting as necessary: bold, unbold, etc.
    3. Demonstrate saving and naming the file with the naming convention - to Desktop
  5. Uploading to Vancko Hall (10 min.)
    1. Demonstrate entering VH
    2. Locate course using My Courses block
    3. Enter course and Turn Editing On
    4. Use "Add a resource" dropdown to "Link to a file or website"
    5. Upload file and click on "Choose"
    6. Save and test
    7. Show whether item is "hidden" or "showing"
    8. How to check if course is available to students or not on VH Entrance
    9. How to see if students have accessed the syllabus using Participants > Profile > Activity Reports or the Reports in Admin block
  6. Emailing to Division Secretary (5 min.)
    1. Attaching to email
  7. Questions and individual hands-on assistance. (as needed)
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