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In order to provide the Delhi Community with access to self help and support, CIS and various campus departments have created training and tutorials for the enterprise applications supported by CIS. Please feel free to review these materials and, if you find specific information missing, make a comment requesting your needs.

Online Services & Systems

Asset Management Platform (AMP)


Bronco Web

Bronco Wireless

Classroom Technology

  • Sanford Hall Smartrooms
  • Laptop to LCD TV screen
  • Laptop to Smartboard

Cool Query



Lyris List Manager (Mass Email)

New York Alert


  • Web Content Management System

Personal Phone Calls from campus phone (or otherwise)

Time and Attendance (HR)

Vancko Hall / Moodle

Desktop Applications

Microsoft PowerPoint

Software VPN - Cisco AnyConnect

Hardware (Equipment)

Cisco VOIP Phone


Loaner Equipment

OIAB - Office In A Box



Page: BroncoWeb for Students Page: PowerPoint Video Demonstration (Formulas, Annotation) Page: Tech Tip Archive Page: Vancko Hall Page: Universal Design for Learning Page: How to get a new plugin installed in Confluence Page: SkyDrive Folder Creation and Access Page: Why does my Macintosh constantly get the yellow STOP screen? Page: Asset Management Platform (AMP) Page: DimDim Web Conferencing Page: Office 2010 User Resources Page: Microsoft Self-Paced Training Courses (free to Delhi Staff) Page: Uniform Course Syllabus (OLD - for 2.2) Page: Microsoft Office 2010 Detailed Ribbon Commands Page: Technology that works for you Page: Computer security 101 Page: Web Browsing Skills Page: Cool Query Login Page: Video Conversion Page: Google Forms - Survey Tool Page: How to encrypt a document with Microsoft Office Page: NAC1X - How to Connect Page: Install AnyConnect Page: Email setup on mobile devices Page: Google Voice (free long distance calling) Page: Copy/Cut/Paste is not available in Firefox Page: Firefox - Spell Check Page: Faculty-Staff-1X NAC Wireless Connection Page: 2013 SUNY Delhi MoodleMoot - Call for Proposals Page: Offering a Workshop to Off-Site Participants Page: Banner Moodle Integration Public Release Page: SUNY Multi-campus Integrated Learning Environment Page: Moodle Hosting and Integration Moot 1/9/2013 Page: [SPAM?]: Email Rule Setup Page: OpenMeetings Page: How to make free (personal) local and distance calls Page: SUNY Delhi Webcast: Cardiovascular Health in Rural Women Page: MeetMe Line Page: Templates and Uploading of the Uniform Course Syllabus (2.5) Page: Copy of Uniform Course Syllabus Page: What's new in Moodle 2.5? Page: Banner Page: BSN Pages Page: Confluence Training Page: Email Information for Students Page: Instant Messaging Page: Laptop software install Page: Lyris List Manager (Mass Email) Page: OpenMeetings - Assigning Permissions Page: Outlook Web Access - OWA Page: SUNY Portal - Time and Attendance Page: WiziQ