ZipGrade is a mobile app that can be run from Android or IOS smart phones to grade and assess paper exams.

Link to PowerPoint Instructions for using ZipGrade

To view the PowerPoint correctly, right click and 'Open in new tab'

  1. To start using ZipGrade create a new account here:

  2. Log into ZipGrade on a computer to upload your course roster from Vancko Hall: Importing Students to ZipGrade from Moodle

  3. To create a new Quiz and answer key follow the instructions HERE.

    1. Recommended:  You can print pre-filled answer sheets by following these instructions HERE.
    2. To print generic answer sheets for your quiz/exam you can follow these instructions HERE.

    3. To print custom answer sheets follow these instructions.

  4. To scan quizzes you can follow the instructions HERE.

  5. To analyze and export your quiz results follow these instructions:

For more tips and FAQ's please click HERE.

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