11/8/09: Find Names Easily in the On-line Directory

You can find the name of any person within the On-line Directory, for example "Masson" by searching directly in your web browser (Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox). Simply type "Control" ("Ctrl") and the letter "F". Hold down the "Ctrl" key on your keyboard, and while is it down, also click the "F" key. This will bring up a search field in IE 7 or open a toolbar at the bottom of the browser in Firefox, where you can enter the name you are looking for. Then just hit search. The page will automatically scroll down to the first instance of that name.

You can click "Find Again" to find the next instance of the name (useful for looking up someone with a popular name like "Smith").

Additional tip: You can do this on any web page with any text, not just a name and not just in the on-line directory.

Questions? Call the CIS Service Center's Help Desk at 607-746- 4835 (4TEK).

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