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  • Teaching Online 101 - Pedagogy and Excellent Practices
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Attached below is a Moodle 1.9.7+ backup of course content for Teaching Online 101 - Pedagogy and Excellent Practices, a self-paced course for online instructors, based on Larry Ragan's "Best Practices in Online Teaching"

(Ragan, L. (2007, August 28). Best Practices in Online Teaching. Retrieved from the Connexions Web site: )

Like the original, it is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license:

If you reuse this work elsewhere, in order to comply with the attribution requirements of the license (CC-BY 3.0), you must include

  • the authors' names: Clark Shah-Nelson
  • the title of the work: Teaching Online 101 - Pedagogy and Excellent Practices
  • the URL where the work can be found:


  1. Clark--Can you purchase Ragan's material for us?

    1. Lou - there's no need - the above mentioned content is licensed under a liberal use Creative Commons license (see link above), which is why Ragan's material is in the Teaching Online 101 course on Vancko Hall. All of his material for this particular course is available at the link above or in the Vancko Hall pedagogical orientation course.