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Virtual Desktop

  • Remote into a campus computer for additional software for your course or if you computers software isn't working right. (Software examples: Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Publisher etc.)

  • Leostream - BT Arch students only




Video Conferencing


Open Source Image Editor

Verbit- Captioning/ CART Services-

  • AI transcription software that is 100% customizable. This software is efficient, smart, and substantially lower in cost compared to others.

Sonocent- Recording/ Notetaking tool-

  • Audio notetaking tool. Records audio while utilizes annotation, and color highlighting features to organize notes.

Texthelp- All services: Read&Write, Equatio (Both are in the worst of implementation)

  • Read&Write is a text to speech software that is easily downloaded to any computer. Free version is available until June 30th (working on campus license)

  • Equatio is an extension of texthelp that creates accessible math and science. This allows math and science material to be read aloud and with screen readers.

Google Captioning (always free)

  • Utilize Google Slides for any PowerPoint presentation, and add free transcription for audio.

Freedom Scientific- (Free JAWs, Zoomtext, fusion software)

  • JAWS is a screen reader. This software completely controls the computer interface with only your voice commands.

  • ZoomText offers extreme magnification to any computer screen or document. Also are color contrast options to adjust to low vision issues

  • Fusion is a combination of both ZoomText and JAWS with a single install