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It is vital for instructors to check all courses thoroughly as soon as possible, and in advance of opening up courses to students, using the below instructions:

Course Management Procedures for Opening Nursing Courses in VH:


What To Do


When the course is available

Course Syllabi:

Every instructor should upload the syllabus for their own class section to VanckoHall (VH), one week before classes begin.  To prepare the syllabus to be uploaded into VanckoHall:

Complete the course syllabus as follows:
Instructor information section must be added to the syllabus before it is uploaded to VH.  To add instructor information, download the syllabus Word file (located in the Faculty Resource tab of each Design course), and add instructor information rows to the table, as needed.

Revisions to the course syllabi are made each session and as needed by the Course Coordinator, who will send the updated syllabi to all section instructors.

Click here for current BSN syllabus template that is the version to be uploaded to VanckoHall, as of Spring, 2019. (This is only an example, you will use the version sent by the Course Coordinator).

IMPORTANT:   The syllabi files that are uploaded to VH should be saved with the following standard naming format to ensure that they can be found easily in the future.  Here is the format: ## Subj-Crs-CRN-InstructorLastName.docx

Example:  if you were teaching Nursing 100CRN 10001 and your last name is Burger,  your syllabus should be named  NURS-100-10001-Burger

**** Please use a DASH not underscore or any additional information on beginning or end of document name. 

TERM: Use the following example to fill in the current term: Fall, 2019, J Session  For summer session, it should be listed as Summer, 2019, J Session

When the syllabus is ready to upload:

Go to “Vancko Hall” webpage:
Below the word “Welcome” you will find “Directions for Instructors”.  This will show how to post your syllabus.

  • The Course Coordinator should have been added to the course prior to the rollover by CIS (John Horner). Please look to see the Course Coordinator has been added as a user to your course. In the event you need to add the Course Coordinator:  Here are video instructions: Adding Course Coordinators 
  • Click all links to check if they are working prior to opening your course to students
  •  If there are any technology issues related to the course for example, modules missing or out of order, broken links etc. submit a Help Desk ticket, and contact your Course Coordinator. It may be an issue across multiple sections.


  • Edit the instructor contact information block located in the 'Start Here" tab.
  • Update the Calendar of Assignments located in the 'Start Here" tab.
  • Change all due dates for assignments to be current in the week in which they are assigned. This is done by clicking "edit settings" in the dropbox, and add in the final date the assignment is due.
  • Check the accuracy of the Turnitin due dates wherever posted, both on upload and periodically throughout the course.
  • Click on "Participants" and view a list of all the students enrolled. Check this list against the student roster in Bronco web.
  • Insert the course dates for each week either on module tab or under the picture on each week's home page.
  • Be sure the tabs after week 7 are hidden to students: for evaluations (practicum courses only) and for faculty resources.
  • Optional, but advised: create a short video (can use Screencast-o-matic) for course navigation to show students around the class and highlight course expectations. This would be posted on the home page.
  • Technology Updates- review/reset course technology tools such as VoiceThread, etc.


Notify the course coordinator when the course check is completed, as soon as possible after rollover, in case there are issues to be repaired.

Opening the Course

  •  Five days before the course officially begins, open the course to students.  Open the course between Tuesday, 10 pm and Weds, 10 am.
  •  Change "settings" link, under "Visible" -to "Show" (makes the course available to students)
  •  Check that the dates under the Academic Integrity Policy Confirmation have been disabled, since they are often preset for a specific date which does not allow students to open the policy and to be able to proceed.

Announcements:  Academic freedom is applicable to the number of the announcements and wording of the announcements as long as the pertinent information is addressed. Keep announcements brief to ensure students read them.  Suggested to bullet your announcements for easier reading.

  • Post a friendly Welcome Announcement that is individualized to the course content and an About Us reminder for students.
  • Faculty should post their own personal About Us introduction/posting before class opens.
  • Post an announcement that discusses the expectation for academic integrity and identifies resources to clarify questions about potential academic integrity violations.
  • Remind students about the writing tutor services and online librarian.
  • Post a succinct announcement with tips for success in the course.

Post an announcement that makes the following statement (statement can be reworded to suit individual styles): In keeping with its constructivist philosophy, the SUNY Delhi Nursing Program invites students to be active partners in the educational process. As adult learners, students have the ability to collaborate in the achievement of positive learning outcomes. While faculty will help support and guide students as they learn, it is expected that students will be accountable for reading and reviewing course syllabi, policies, and procedures.

  • Starting the first day of the class, monitor and respond individually to each student's About Us introduction/posting.  Students may post their introduction before the course begins, however faculty do not need to respond until the first day of the course.




Opening the course: (NURS 400, 401, 604/610, 605/611)

  • Contact each preceptor with a welcome note: confirm their preceptor role, introduce self, and provide details on the practicum component of the course, especially related to preceptor involvement.
  • The links sent by the practicum coordinator to faculty for preceptor evaluation of student and program should be inserted into the Faculty Resources tab for later retrieval, when needed to send out to preceptors.
  • The link for students to access for evaluation of preceptor should be inserted into the Course Evaluation module.  This is opened at the end of week 6 for students, with an announcement explaining the evaluation process.  Leave the link (student of the preceptor)/ module grayed out until week 6. An alternative is to post the link for the student-of-preceptor evaluation into a Course Announcement for Week 6.
  • Do not use the Moodle link currently in the course, it should be “hidden” throughout the course.

Opening the course: (NURS 403)

  • Post Doodle link to schedule Zoom meetings with students on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of week 1.
  • Contact each preceptor with a welcome note: confirm their preceptor role, introduce self, and provide details on the practicum component of the course, especially related to preceptor involvement.
  • Meet with preceptor by email/ phone during weeks 1-2, as needed.
  • Preceptors complete the Survey Monkey link for each section (as sent out by the course coordinator) to indicate their approval of student's topic and agreement to preceptor requirements by Wednesday of week 2.


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