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The SUNY Portal is used to track time accruals and time off requests. Below are some basic directions for using this system.

Logging In

Open a Web Browser

Go to: 

Select Delhi as Your Campus

Enter the Username and Password that you use to log in to your computer first thing in the morning
NOTE: Offsite users should use their Vancko Hall username and password

Click Login
NOTE: IF you see an error at this point close your browser window and try to log in again.

The first time you log in you MAY be required to enter some security information

  • Enter your name as it appears on your pay check
  • Enter your SUNY ID (NOT 800 ID number)
  • Enter DOB in the exact format as shown

Click Submit Answers 
NOTE: You may or may not see this screen

You are now logged in!

Click Time and Attendance


Requesting Time Off

Once you are logged in

Select Request Time Off  (at the top under your name)

Double Click on the day you would like to request leave

Enter the number of days in the leave category you wish to use (Use the Show Multi-Day button at the top of the window to request consecutive days)

Scroll to the bottom of the Window to click Save

Select the Saved Leave Request

Click Submit to Supervisor

NOTE: Once you submit a request the Status should change from Saved to Pending and once approved it will say Approved

Submitting the monthly Time Record 

Once you are logged in

  1. Select Time Record  (at the top under your name)
  2. Use the drop down arrow under Accrual Period to select the appropriate month
  3. Click Change Period
    If there are any warnings or errors they will be shown in the yellow section toward the top
  4. On the Time Charged Calendar indicate leave taken during the accrual period 
  5. If there is Holiday during the accrual period enter a 1 IF you worked the Holiday listed in the Holiday Time Worked Section
    NOTE: This Does Not Apply to Faculty
  6. To view available Holidays click the green View Holidays button at the bottom of the window
    NOTE: Holiday's and Floaters are both listed here, they are identified in the last column
  7. Once all entries are complete check the box to "certify" the report
  8. Click Submit to Supervisor
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