[SPAM?]: Email Rule Setup:

How to automatically move all messages that the firewall identifies as [SPAM?]: to 'Junk E-mail' folder.
  1. Login to your Delhi Email
  2. Click the gear icon (top right, next to your name)
  3. Type 'rule' in the search box
  4. Click 'Inbox Rules'
  5. Click '+ Add new rule'
  6. 1.  Enter a name for the rule (ex: spam to junk)
  7. 2.  Add a condition >> Click 'Select a condition' >> Choose 'Subject includes'
  8. In the box enter    [SPAM?]: 
  9. 3. Add an action >> Click 'Select an action' >> Choose 'Move to'
  10. In the 'Search for a folder' box select 'Junk Email' (or 'All folders', then 'Junk Email') 
  11. Click 'Save' on top right.

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