1. Click on Teams on the left and then the  three dots in the upper right and switch view

2. Choose List and then click OK

for Team Posts (please note you must do this for EACH team) 

    1. click Teams
    2. click the team you want to follow, then the three dots beside 'General'
    3. Scroll over 'Channel notifications' and click 'All Activity'

Creation of a Team for MS Teams is done by the Help Desk.  Submit a ticket in TeamDynamix for creation. > Request a Team

Teams Retention Policy

Groups will expire after a time elapse of no use. IF the Team owners does not choose to retain the Team for longer it will be deleted.

  1. Click on 'Teams' on the left side of your window

  2. Click on 'Join or create a team' towards the bottom left of your screen

  3. Then click 'Create a Team'

  4. Choose the appropriate Team Type. Choose 'Staff**perhaps 'Other' so users can email the group if they would like.
    More info on each type can be found here: Choose a team type to collaborate in Microsoft Teams

  5. Add members to your group by typing in their names and choosing the correct user.  Then press 'Add'

  6. To send a message to the team click on 'Teams' on the left, choose the team you want to send to, and type a message at the bottom
  7. The new naming convention for Teams will be as follows:

    Starting with the Team suffixes of Department, Project, Committee or Other.

    (Abbreviated as “Dept”, “Proj”, “Comm” or “Team")

    Then we will need a name for the Team/Group. Trying to be as purposeful and clear as possible with the name of the Team/Group.  

    So when we create the group it would be named something like this:

    ex) Dept-VetSci-Beagle Puppy Adoptions 2021-22

    ex) Proj-VetSci-Office Move to Alumni

    ex) Comm-VetSci-IST Position Winter 2021

    ex) Team-VetSci&Nursing 
  8.  Activate for email address sends to the team & Hide email from Address Book
    1. Go to M365 Admin > Teams & Groups > Active Teams & Groups
    2. Search/find the Team (might take up to an hr for it to show up after creation)
    3. Click the team > Settings
    4. Check the 2 boxes below