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Registering at

1.Type into any web browser

 or visit and click 'Password Management Tool' under the Campus Services section.

2.Click I am not a robot and complete the captcha

3. Type your current network username (ie smithjd) and password and click ‘Sign In’

4. Pick from the list of questions to set-up three security questions, answer them and click ‘Save Answers’

5. Answer the favorite color and number questions, click ‘Save Answers’

6. You will receive a notice regarding the need to enter a personal email address as well as a cell phone number in order to use the system. Check the box next to ‘I Agree’ and click ‘Continue’

7. Enter a personal email address and cell phone number *Both are required to use this system* and click ‘Update’

8. Confirm that the information entered is correct

9. Check your cell phone for a code (the code is case sensitive) once the code is received enter it and click ‘Check Code’

10. Check your personal email for a code, the email should look as follows:


11. There will be a link and a code, you may use the link but it will prompt you to login again or you may use the code and enter it, click ‘Check Code’

12. You should receive a message: ‘Your user information has been successfully update.’ You may click ‘Continue’ to access the dashboard.

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