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To enter a conference, you can choose one of your personal rooms or choose a public room via the "START" button

Inviting Users to a Conference

Rooms in the "My rooms" category can be accessed via invitation links or by email.  
To create these links:

  1. Enter a Conference or Webinar room in the My Rooms section
  2. In the Actions drop down menu, select "Send invitation"
  3. Click the "Generate URL" button to create a URL
  4. Copy & Paste the URL and send it to participants.
    •  Alternately, in the Recipient line, you can add email addresses.  Separate addresses with a space to add multiple recipients.  Click "Generate URL" then click "Send."


Meeting in Public Conference rooms

  1. On the Dashboard, select the "Start" button
  2. Select a room that fits your needs ie not being used by anyone currently, has video, etc. and click 'Enter'
  3. Users you wish to conference with now need to enter the same public room as you, so be sure to let them know which room you are using!