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This online course development checklist and log are for keeping track of where newly developed courses for online delivery are in the course development process, according to the CCTL Guidelines for New Course Development and Evaluation. Any changes to the below can be made by contacting Clark Shah-Nelson.

The basic checklist includes:

  1. After course is approved by Curriculum Committee, contact Coordinator of Online Education within 2 weeks.
  2. Initial consultation with coordinator? (Speak with Coordinator about plans for course, templates, technology needs in the course, layout, activities, course development process, questions, etc.)
  3. Training complete? (New fully online instructors should go through the Vancko Hall Online Instructor Preparation course ( (login required).
  4. Post-first draft design consultation? (minimum 1 month prior to term start) (What is this? The Coordinator looks over the course and makes recommendations on instructional design, layout, and/or other pedagogical and technological aspects of the course using the DOE Checklist for Online Courses. (The checklist will be duplicated to a child course to this page for each new course development.
  5. Initial Payment (In some rare cases, an instructor might receive an initial payment, prior to the full approval of the course.)
  6. Revisions Complete (minimum 2 weeks prior to term start)(What is this? Instructor makes changes based on Coordinator input and then communicates with Coordinator.)
  7. Peer evaluations (1-2) (using this rubric) - (Currently this is optional)
  8. Approved

Below is the spreadsheet showing courses currently in development, and where they are in the process.


Course to be Developed


Target Term

CC Approval

Letter to New Developers

Init. Consult with Coord.

Training complete?

Post-First Draft Design consult with checklist

(Initial Payment)

Revisions complete?

Peer Evaluation 1

Peer Evaluation 2

Approved + final payment















Mike Barnes

HOSP 135 Sanitation













David Brower

HOSP 470 - Hospitality Management Seminar













Curriculum Committee Horizon




























Lynn Domina

LITR 218 Native American Literature













Willis Brown

ECMT 180 Alternative and Renewable Energy













David Brower

TRVL 475 Destination Development and Marketing













David Brower

TRVL 388 Convention Services Mgmt













David Brower

HOSP 310 Hospitality Human Resources II









































Kathryn Dezur

ENGL-150 (2--) Research Writing













was Penny Pardoe

GOVT 250/350 - Middle Eastern Politics













was Penny Pardoe

GOVT 110 American Government













Alan Smith

OSHA Course - new





? complete 10/15/07

? (6 hours)







Shannon Shoemaker

CITA 150 Introduction to Information Technology













Once courses are approved, they will move to the Online Developed Courses Log.