For Sessions Which do not Require Authentication:

  1. Contact the Computer Information System's Service Center and request a MeetMe number for the date and time of your workshop
    1. also request a conference phone if necessary
  2. Send a notification to remote participants
    1. Explain how to call in (see example below for MeetMe line 4881)
      1. Off Campus: Dial 607-746-4881 or for no long-distance charges, dial 1-800-96-DELHI (1-800-963-3544) when asked "Name Please," say either "conference call one" or "4881"

      2. On Campus: Using a campus phone, dial 4881 (if you are on campus you should NOT use the 1-800 number)

      3. In both cases the caller will be connected into the ongoing call. Other listeners will hear a beep when users join or leave the call.

        Request that callers do not put the call on hold, as this may play hold music for all other attendees.

    2. Explain how to view the web meeting (see example below for MeetMe line 4881)
      1. Go to
      2. Select the meeting: Meet Me 4881
      3. Enter your name in the "Name" field
      4. Enter the password: 4881
      5. Click the "Join" button

  3. Host Session
    1. Connect to the MeetMe line (see example below for MeetMe line 4881)
      1. call 4881 from the conference phone
    2. Connect to the meeting room (see example below for MeetMe line 4881)
      1. Go to
      2. Select the meeting: Meet Me 4881
      3. Enter your name in the "Name" field
      4. Enter the password: (call Grady at 4674 ahead of time for your password)
      5. Click the "Join" button
  1. Request a course site on our test site ( for you to use for the workshop if you do not have one available. 
    1. Contact the Computer Information System's Service Center:
      P: 607-746-4835
      F: 607-746-4300
      1. a ticket will be created and assigned to Grady Miller
      2. please feel free to contact him for any further assistance that is required
  2. Make the Moodle course site available to all users or to specific participants
    1. Allowing any user to self enroll in your course site
    2. Manually enrolling users in your course site
  3. Add a BigBlueButton activity in your course
  4. Request to borrow from the Help Desk any Equipment you will need.
  5. Send notification to remote participants
    1. If a meet-me line is available, please use that and provide instructions to the participants for connecting to it. (there is a maximum of 16 people per line)
    2. If you are not using a meet-me line and if you are intending to allow remote participants to share their microphones, you will need to inform them of the specific requirements:
      1. A headset is required
      2. Adequate bandwidth is required
      3. They should not be using a wireless network
    3. Provide the URL for accessing the workshop remotely
      1. Retrieving the URL
    4. Provide  a link to more information about attending a workshop in BigBlueButton
    5. Explain how the remote participants can expect to communicate with you and/or ask questions during the presentation. Possibilities include:
      1. Using audio (headset) anytime
      2. Using chat anytime
      3. Raise hand to request the ability to share your microphone
      4. ...
  6. Set up for the web meeting
    1. Plug the computer into the wired network and turn off wireless
    2. Plug in the microphone or the Polycom Conference Phone, or the regular Conference Phone (whichever you are using)
  7. Start the web meeting
    1. Go to the course and click on the link for the BigBlueButton meeting you created
  8. Manage the web meeting
  9. End the web meeting
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