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  • Mobile Printing Release Station Instructions
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The print release station is used to release print jobs to certain GoPrint printers.

These instructions are for everyone with a valid Delhi ID or Print Pay Card - Students, Faculty, Staff, Clubs, Guests

  1. Visit from any computer connected to the internet (Also found at - Mydelhi page - Mobile Printing)
    1. Choose the printer you would like to print to
    2. Type in the ID shown on your Delhi issued ID (or print pay card) in the Name box
    3. Browse for a file to print or paste the link of the page to print
    4. Press the 'Next' button on the bottom right

  2. Choose your printing options then press the print icon

  3. After you see the following notification, visit the release station beside the printer you chose to print to

  4. You will see the following screen at the release station.

  5. Swipe your Delhi ID card at the release station to show your print jobs

  6. Touch the job(s) you want to print and press 'Print'

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