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  • Managing Class and Enrollment Sync in Vancko Hall
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To change the term range that is synced in Vancko Hall:

  1. For each new term to be added in Vancko Hall, create a new category
    1. Administration bock > Site administration > Courses > Manage courses and categories
    2. Create new category
      1. Category ID number needs to be set to the term code for the term being added
  2. Update the GTVSDAX records in Banner
    1. Log into Banner
    2. Enter "GTVSDAX" into the Go To... box and press enter
    3. Click Enter Query button
    4. Enter "DELHI_MOODLE_CAT1" into the Group: box and click the execute query button
    5. Edit the External Code value for the "TERM_END" or "TERM_START" as needed

Group: DELHI_MOODLE_CAT2 should be used for the Vancko Hall test site

The sync schedule is documented on this page:

There is also an External Code for the SPARC training course. This is to be set to the term requested by Residence Life. It is set to the upcoming term. For example, it was requested in April 2018 to set it to the term code for Fall 2018.