Lyris List - Sending Messages

Directions for List Administrators to send Messages directly from Lyris to the List

Sending a message from the Lyris interface

  1. Log into Lyris (
    If you are a list administrator a username and password should have been provided to you by CIS.
  2. IF you have access to more than one list, select the list you want to send a message to
    (Click on the list name next to 'List:' in the top right corner then select your list from the main section of the page.)
  3. Click 'New Mailing' on the right side
  4. Enter a Subject and IF you want change the From (Example: Change from senders name to 'Help Desk Announcement<' or something appropriate to the list)
  5. Type or copy your message into either the 'HTML message' field (if you want your message to have special formatting or it has links) or the 'Text message' field (for Plain Text)

  6. IF you want to send the message at a later date\time click on the Schedule tab, select 'Schedule for' and enter the appropriate date and time
  7. Click 'Save and Test', to add additional emails use a comma between each address.
  8. If you wish to edit anything in the test: Mailings > Approval > Needs Approval. Click the numbers at the beginning of the line. Edit, Save and Test.
  9. To send after test is approved: Mailings > Approval > Needs Approval.  Click 'Send'

Sending a message from your email account (specific access is needed for this)

  1. Open your email
  2. Create a new message
  3. Enter the Subject and Body of the message (depending on the message and list it may be appropriate to remove the signature or any other 'extras' you may have)
  4. In the 'To' field enter the list (example:
  5. Change the Format to 'Plain Text'

    (This will help to reduce the number of incidents with users not receiving or being able to properly view the message. Another option to cleanup formatting is to paste the message you are sending into Notepad (NOT Wordpad), then copy and paste the message from Notepad into the email message - this will remove all of the formatting.)
  6. Send the message
    NOTE: Our lists are setup so only list administrators can send messages
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