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  • J-Term Internet Procedures for Faculty
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From:        Dennis Callas, Provost

Date:         October 31, 2007

Subject:    January Term  - Internet Procedures

To clarify the procedure for contacting students regarding January classes on the Internet:

  • Registration for January term classes begins Monday, November 5, 2007.   Jan Elwell will send an email to non-SUNY Delhi students, with a copy to the instructor, providing the student with their newly assigned 800 number, PIN and student email.  Faculty should periodically check their rosters on the Web or Banner for updated enrollments.  We have indicated on the registration form that the student's e-mail address is "required" and that SUNY Delhi students should use their student e-mail address.  Each Vancko Hall instructor will then be responsible for contacting the students in his or her class with log-in procedures, course information, etc. 
  • Current Delhi students will use their 800# and six digit general PIN to log in.
  • We are printing a separate set of instructions for students taking January term classes via the Internet - that information will also be sent to you.
  • For technical support, use the online help portal:
  • Below are instructions for Vancko Hall faculty to provide to their students. 

Dear Student:

You have enrolled in an online course through SUNY Delhi.  It is important that you access the course using the instructions below. 

  • Go to  or go to click on Delhi Logins, and then on Vancko Hall.
  • Your Username is your student ID 800 number
  • Your password is your 6 digit student PIN
  • Once you type in your username and password, click on Login
  • Use the "My Courses" block on the left to find your course and click on the name of the course to get into the course. Note:  You may not be able to access the course until its official start date.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact your instructor immediately.